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Money: develop right attitude towards it

Attitude plays a very significant role in the attainment of any worthwhile goal. When you approach anything with a negative attitude, you are most likely going to fail. But with a positive attitude, success is more guaranteed. When it comes to money, you need to develop a good attitude towards its attainment, spending, investing and management. Attitude is the way you choose to see things, the meaning you give to situations, the interpretation you give to issues, circumstances and life in general.In the previous posts, I have explained that many people have negative associations to money and these attitudes make them remain financially struggling. But we have also discussed that there is nothing wrong with money, or an abundance of money to be specific, provided the means for its attainment are correct and the usage too. Below are some suggestions to developing the right and healthy attitude towards money:


1. FREEDOM: It “frees” you from doing things you hate by “employing” someone or a machine to do those things and allows you to enjoy the freedom to do what you truly love and enjoy doing. I hate washing, and money allowed me to employ a washing machine.

2. POWER: With it you can influence certain things in your life. Money in the hands of the wicked has caused a lot of human suffering. But with money in the hands of good people, lives are improved. Ask Bill Gates and he will tell you the good he is able to do with money.

3. PLEASURE: It allows you to enjoy the different pleasures of life. On a shoe-string budget, ice-cream becomes a luxury. But when you have enough money, eating pizza is not a great achievement. (you don’t even have to take a picture of the pizza and post it on FB!!!)

4. CHOICE: With more money, your freedom of choice grows. With a housing budget of K10,000, you cannot look for rental houses in Area 10, 43, Namiwawa or Mount Pleasant. But if your budget is K450,000 per month, your choice of accommodation expands greatly.

5. SEED: Carefully cared for, it grows and multiplies. Money has the potential to bring its friends back to you if well invested.

6. EXPRESSION: It allows you to truly express your personality. It you are good and kind, with it, you can show your goodness and kindness to a large degree than without it. I meet a lot of good-hearted people who fail to express their goodness because they lack money.

7. MONEY MAY EASE YOUR LIFE: Money will assist you to live comfortably, travel comfortably, sleep comfortably, eat nice foods, and afford the nice things that are specifically designed to ease life on this planet! With little money, it takes two days to travel to South Africa. However, when you have a larger pocket, you can be in Johannesburg in just two hours.

8. MONEY FINANCES THE GOSPEL: “Money printed your Bibles, money builds your churches, money sends your missionaries, and money pays your preachers… I say, then, you ought to have money. If you can honestly attain unto riches… it is your Godly duty to do so. It is an awful mistake of these pious people to think you must be awfully poor in order to be pious!” -Pastor Russell H. Conwell

What statements can you develop for yourself to help you shape your attitude and develop the right mindset towards money? What good projects are you failing to implement because you have no money? Have you noticed that when you don’t have money, it is easy to become self-centred? Everything you do is about trying to survive, trying to make it towards the end of the month.

Is there anything “evil or sinful” to have a house like this one in the picture? Such houses exist, for those with enough money to afford them! Do yourself a favour: develop a healthy attitude towards beautiful things.

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