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Msonda to sue Mec


Kenneth Msonda has said he will not rest until justice prevails in the country over the May 20 elections.

He said he is convinced that the elections were rigged and urged Malawians to join him in the quest of attaining justice.

“Fellow country men and women our passivity on matters of national concern is a threat to multiparty democracy and affects development.

“Our attitude and tendency “ZIKHALE MOMWEMO AMBUYE, MULUNGU ALIDI CHILINGA” when things are wrong is not only unGodly but unchristian and inhumane,” he said, adding: “Our God is not a God of confusion?Job in the Holy Bible mistakenly blamed God for his misfortunes, little did Job knew that it was the devil at work”.

Msonda added that if truth be told to shame the devil, the recent passed May 20 Tripartite General Elections were characterised with numerous discrepancies,irregularities and anomalies to the annoyance of the majority of the citizenry and other electoral stake holders.

“MEC, the Constitutionally established institution mandated to conduct elections admitted that the elections were a disgrace to the nation.

“MEC Chairperson, Justice Maxon Mbendera cried before the official announcement of the election results.

“Judges are the most disciplined people on earth and hardly show their emotions in public. Justice Maxon Mbendera SC, a respected Supreme Court of Appeal Judge and a God fearing person cried in public because his conscious troubled him, he knew that what he was about to announce was fake, bogus and false,” said Msonda.

“European Union Elections Observer Mission in Malawi described the elections as “UNIQUE”;electoral stake holders, donor and development partners, Religious and Faith Leaders, Civil Society Organizations and the Citizenry at large cried faul over the way MEC conducted the elections. The Million Dollar question is WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED?” he asked.

Msonda added that an election disorder like the one Malawi had is what trigger post elections violence and bloodshed in other countries, resulting in loss of lives and property.

“European Union Elections Observer Mission in Malawi concluded that the country did not experience post elections violence and bloodshed because Malawians are “law abiding citizens” (kachipongwe ka chizungu).Someone somewhere should be held responsible for the electoral mess; he/she owns the citizenry an explanation -“WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED”.

“I have been consulting my lawyer on the possibility of dragging MEC officials to court (Chairman, Commissioners, Chief Elections Officer, Presiding Officers – 2 or 3 District Commissioners and headmasters/teachers) for fraud and abuse of office.

“My lawyer has assured me it is possible if I have evidence; I have evidence and very soon I shall commence legal proceedings. Those willing to join me on this national cause can contact me on 0999958003 or

“Those willing to provide more evidence to bring to book people involved in the electoral mess to face the arm of the law are being encouraged to do so and their information shall be treated with the confidentiality it deserves,” he promised.

He added that It is a known fact that courage, truth and justice is painful and costly; suffice to say courage, truth and justice overcomes evil.

And that we, the Citizenry should not expect to develop this nation if we deliberately put a blind eye on careless mistakes deliberately done for personal or political gains.

“We cannot talk about credible, democratic, free,fair and violence free elections in future if we don’t deal with the root course of the numerous discrepancies, irregularities and anomalies that characterized the recent past Tripartite General Elections.

“We, as a nation need to avoid a repeat of what happened if we are to have credible, free, fair,democratic and violence free general elections in future. I have decided to take this bold step as a citizen and NOT in my capacity as PP member for the love of my beloved country. This has nothing to do with the current DPP H.E.Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika’s administration but to put records straight and avoid post election violence and bloodshed in future.

” I have opened my case file on the matter; so help me God,” he prayed..

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