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By Eisenhower Mkaka

I’ve grown up believing in the philosophy that “Do not let the opinion of other people define your destiny”! Even in an apparent time of failure, there is an inbuilt force within me to look beyond the horizon and see the bigger picture; there is greatness ahead!

Winston Churchill had a speech impediment, yet he went on to become known as one of the greatest orators of the twentieth century. Sir isaac Newton went blind as young scientist yet recovered and went on to develop the theory of gravity and the basis of both Physics and calculus. Albert Einstein also became one of the greatest scientists of all time after failure.

Bingu failed with his first party and yet went on to become a good president in his first term (make no mistake, I was an admirer of Bingu in his first term). Bill Gates was withdrawn from college on academic grounds and he went on to found the giant Microsoft Corporation. Many more such stories abound and there isn’t just enough time and space to cite them here.

With these stories in mind, let me pose a question: Is your history or what your are going through now (or people’s opinion about you) an important factor in determining your destiny? This article attempts to answer this all-important question. I hope that you are not looking at you past or how things are with you today or what people are saying about you to forecast your destiny. Given what you are up against, do not predict your future.

You are born with some potential as a human being; you have an advantage of a becoming the greatest you can ever think of. In fact one more philosophy I believe in is that the “Sky is no longer the limit, the mind is”. Some scientists have argued that we use about 10% of our brain. Meaning if we engage more of our brains we may be and become more. We are our own limitation. Even in the midst of catastrophe, we have the potential to rebound and become greater than before. We have the genetic advantage of a rational, creative brain. And yet if you’re like most people, you’re probably more unaware of what you have and what you can do.

Many people’s destinies are defined by situations they have gone through and/or other people’s opinions and speeches about them. As they say, there is power in the spoken word. Young people, growing up, have been told they will not amount to anything. Teachers have prophesied doom over certain students who don’t satisfy their “criteria of success”. Some employees have been told they will not amount to anything and so on and so forth. Sometimes circumstances would have you believe that you will not succeed. Situations like growing up in a poor family, knowing no one who would fight for your promotion, knowing no one who would give you or back your contracts or tenders etc.

Should we then allow our history, our current circumstances and people’s opinions to define or dictate our destiny? The answer is an absolute no! Our ability to spring back and spur to greater heights lies within us. When our inner self is aware of itself and chooses to learn from an apparent failure instead of accepting defeat the chances are high for a greater future and destiny. On the contrary if our inner self accepts failure and convinces itself to lie on the ground after being knocked down instead of rising and dusting off, then just know that you have allowed circumstances to define your destiny.

In conclusion let me say that we have enormous potential deep within us to achieve greater things than our minds can fathom. It is there for the releasing. The sky is indeed not the limit but the mind is. Failure, circumstances or indeed people’s opinion about you should not dictate or determine your destiny. Believe in yourself and release the God-given potential that lies buried deep within you!

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