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On Sunday, 19 July,2015, Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) Campaign Director , George Saonda, and Director of women in the party Akweni went to town dressing down back to back Malawi Congress Party President Professor Lazarus Chakwera calling him different names.

It seems democratic progressive party has created a new position which is being headed by Akweni and deputized by George Saonda who has also fallen in the same pot with Akweni with an aim of pleasing the party leadership.

Politics of castigation has gone and now is time to use developmental politics in order to solve economic problems which have haunted the country for 51 years now.

The democratic progressive party which is led by Professor Peter Muthalika has three things which are mostly practiced by some members who want to be more loyal to the leadership of the party.
During professor Bingu wa Muthalika regime, Honorable Patricia Kaliati also known as Akweni was well known with her conduct of insulting other politician.

Kaliati who is good in talking was well in castigating other politicians like former president Dr. Joyce Banda who was then vice president of the country.
But because God does not consult anyone when he wants to elevate anyone into certain position, Dr Joyce Banda was elevated into presidency of the country following the death of Bingu wa Muthalika in 2012.

When things tasted so bad in DPP following the ascending of Joyce Banda into the office of the presiden,t some members of the party started joining Peoples Party and there were rumors that honorable Patricia Kaliati, also wanted to find her way into the Peoples Party but remembering how she insulted Joyce Banda , she was rejected into her party.

It seems Akweni does not want to learn from past mistakes , because she did the same during Bingu Wa Muthalika’s regime.

While President Professor Peter Muthalika is busy preaching about unity and urges his followers to stop castigating other politicians, Akweni does the opposite by castigating other politicians on the podium like Malawi congress party president Dr. Razarus Chakwera and Honorable Jessie Kabwira.
I heard and I quote, “after realizing that there was little money people gave in church offerings , he decided to abandon the church to get heft salary at parliament.” Kaliati 2015. Ndirande Blantyre. My question might be, did she leave teaching in the Ministry of Education in order to get fat salaries in parliament? Why doesn’t she rejoin teaching ?
Akweni, remember that Dr. Chakwera cannot be sick or get thinner from your nasty vocabularies but instead your are making yourself unpopular to the Malawi masses and shame should be on you. How can you, the whole cabinet minister, be little yourself , during the Sunday Ndirande Political rally.

Another castigation was led by George Saonda, who spoke in front of his father professor Peter Muthalika, by calling Malawi congress party president as Laza. Yes he is Lazarus Chakwera the one you feared too much and may be you do not sleep because you keep on asking yourself, why you are there.

Can we say it’s the Principles of Democratic Progressive Party to attack your opponents? I believe castigation in DPP is one of the pillars which they use when they are conducting developmental or political rallies in the country.

Let me commend our vice president for advising the president “against taming snakes in the party”. I think the vice president is the right person to be President Muthalika’s Advisor.

Honorable Chilima who has business background realizes that wining hearts of the people is not by castigating opponents, but by giving facts to the people. By being a business person, he knows what customer care is.

Mr. President must prove that he dislikes castigating opponents by firing Honorable Kaliati into cabinet because she proved that she is a failure and cannot leave in this world of plural politics which is based on tolerance and leaving together as one nation of Malawi.

Let me remind Akweni that God is not Patricia and he can change things even today so she must be carefully on what she says on a political rallies.
Akweni must be polite and royal to Malawians and not royal to her mouth as she has done at Thyolo and Ndirande Political rallies.

Can we say Honorable Akweni Kaliati is Director of Castigating and insulting opponents during DPP Political rallies.

If it’s true Democratic progressive party believes in democracy they must invite Honorable Kaliati and Honorable George Saonda to an ICU training on speaking and giving facts to the public than what they are doing now.

Mr. President it is dangerous to keep snakes in your house because the snakes might damage your image if you do not take care.

Its high time Politicians like Akweni stop castigating others whenever they are making public speeches. , What picture are you giving to future politicians? I think there is nobody even at a primary School, who can have that passion to say I want to be like Honorable Kaliati , I think may say I want to be like Honorable Kabwira who commands much respect from the locals.

Ones Gambia Party Democracy and Progress (GPDP), Henry Gomez said and I quote, “People have graduated from these types of politics. This is the time of reconciliation, and for us to build a better and prosperous Gambia through change, which I believe we can, “so its lesson to Honorable Kaliati to graduate from such Politics than what she is doing nowadays whereby she is embarrassing the country including President Muthalika.

Politics is not about harassment; politics is not about intimidation; politics is not about insulting; politics is not about fighting, and being ruling party does not mean that you have to criticize opposition parties.
There are things that you can clap for, and say a job well done but you cannot clap hands to Akweni on what she is doing by castigating MCP President and Honorable Jessie Kabwira.

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