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Stop looking for excuses!


“What should Malawi stop doing to develop?” This was a question posed to a non-Malawian during a panel discussion at a “High Level Forum on Development Effectiveness” held on Wednesday. Her response was very short but powerful: “Stop looking for excuses!”

As Malawians, we have wasted enough time trying to find enough reasons to justify our failures. We have been claiming that we are failing to progress because we are landlocked, and yet Rwanda and Zambia, equally landlocked nations have left us behind. More excuses; “we have no mineral deposits”. Then we discovered uranium but alas, we still have more excuses and of course, more poverty.

Can we stop looking for excuses and start finding solutions please? Malawi has everything it needs to develop socioeconomically. We have plenty of fresh waters to irrigate almost every piece of arable land and become the bread basket of Southern Africa. We have enough energetic youth who can be trained to become the productive labour-force that will transform this country. We have enough peace to attract every serious investor we might desire.
The only thing stopping us right now is “plenty of excuses” why we shouldn’t, why we can’t. Sadly, what you seek, you get. “Seek, and you will find”, said Jesus. You seek excuses, you find enough of them. If however we seek solutions, we will find lots of them.

(read more in my article this Sunday, in Sunday Times)

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