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By Gerrard Mzaza Nkhata with Lyson Sibade

Yes. The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration must exhibit a full and unquestionable commitment not only to the investigation of the theft of the Cash-gate documents, but also the brutal murder of ACB Officer, Issa Njauju, otherwise these catastrophes have the potential of inciting the public and international community into questioning the extent to which government is innocent of these apparent Cash-gate interference and cover up attempts.

The DPP could be the worst government to have robbed public resources than any government that ruled the country if the cash-gate revelations is anything to go by. News that the government spy agents are behind the robbing of the K577 billion Cashgate report at the German diplomat’s residence is a clear manifestation that the DPP is panicking for stealing taxpayers money mercilessly.

In trying to be a watchdog, I sought analysis from social and political analyst Lyson Sibande to analyse the DPP cash-gate and governance issues.

Gerrard Mzaza: What do you make of the reported stolen cash-gate documents at the German envoy’s residence?

Lyson Sibande: “I think the stealing of the documents related to the MWK577 billion Cashgate only tells of panic and attempts to interfere with the ongoing investigations clearly by those involved, who could either be DPP or PP since the investigation targets their Administrations between 2009 and 2013.”

Gerrard Mzaza: Who do you think can steal the said documents systematically as reported?

Lyson Sibande: “It’s had to confidently guess, but I think given the nature of the theft and the masterminding needed to invade a highly political premise and steal politically sensitive documents, the perpetrators could be more linked to DPP than the powerless PP. Also considering that the investigations target DPP administration more than PP which was already exposed by the Baker Tilly forensic audit.”

Gerrard Mzaza: Why do you think both DPP and PP could be responsible for the stealing of the cash-gate documents? Why can’t you rule out one of them?

Lyson Sibande: “It’s too premature and too conclusive to rule out the possible involvement of either of them because it does not only require huge funding to pull off such an apparently politically motivated theft, but also a very strong motive too. And both the DPP and PP would have such a strong motive. Remember that the PwC Analytics report still shows a rise in the mismanagement of resources in PP’s Administration (2012). In other words, PwC implicates PP as much as it investigates the DPP previous administration. So they are both potential suspects with the motives.”

Gerrard Mzaza: Meanwhile a blame game continues between PP and DPP on who is the grand cash-gate master but Malawians could be best judges. Who do you think is a worse thief between PP and DPP?

Lyson Sibande: “You are right Gerrard about the blame game. Blame games are a tradition in Malawian politics, and the game is as old as democracy itself. UDF blamed MCP of corruption while UDF was blamed by DPP of corruption and PP blamed DPP of corruption and now all parties blame each other. But I honestly do not believe there is such a thing as a worse thief or a better thief. A thief is a thief, and both DPP and PP are just thieves. But, I don’t really blame DPP or PP administrations for the rampant corruption and cash-gate. I blame it on our system and the people of Malawi who have tolerated this evil for 20 years now.”

Gerrard Mzaza: Anything else that you think was a cover-up?

Lyson Sibande: “ Well, that is a very good question, but though I like conspiracy theories, I still feel it is unethical and wrong to manipulate public opinion into believe what I don’t believe in myself. So while there are clearly several suspicious incidences that are likely cover-ups, so I far think the July 2014 fire at the MEC warehouse, which contained ballot boxes, was cover-up because it occurred in the wake of an electoral dispute, just like the death of Njaunju amid corruption investigations.”

Gerrard Mzaza: We have always known you as a vocal DPP Cadet especially on the social media. But recently, we can have seen you fight with Cadets and publish articles with various online news publishers that are critical of government and its leadership. Which Party do you support now?

Lyson Sibande: “You observation is correct. But I stopped supporting political parties. Most young people that clap hands for political parties have selfish interests which have totally nothing to do with the suffering Malawians and our poor republic. Trust me, I am speaking out of hands-on experience. Greed drives them all.”

Gerrard Mzaza: Any last words?

Lyson Sibande: “Yes Gerrard, just a few words. I congratulate the DPP government and the leadership of Peter Mutharika for pursuing cash-gated cases of 2012 and 2013 which followed the Baker Tilly forensic report. I am personally impressed with the progress so far. I also congratulate the DPP government for the on-going forensic audit report by PwC into the alleged MWK 577 billion cash-gate from 2009.

However, I appeal to government to speed up and keep Malawians updated on the progress of the PwC forensic report. You see, the longer the report delays, and there is news blackout on the matter, people will begin to suspect cover-ups. I hope you remember what happened in Parliament and on social media in June this year because of delaying tactics, and persistent blackout on progress updates. Government was suspected and threatened to have deliberations over the 2015/2016 budget suspended unless the report was released. And the social media and online publications were awash with negative publicity even against the President too.”

Gerrard Mzaza: Thank your Mr Sibande for your time and response.

Lyson Sibande: You are welcome

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