Sunbird search for a star winner Mc Luther to release debut song “Akumasule”


By Mphomusowa

Sunbird search for a star winner Mc Luther shares his new record under Ndefeyo Gospel on Wensday August 5.

Akumasule is the title of the debut under Ndefeyo Gospel.

A song for all those burden and thirsty. Amen

A calling to those in need of hope in their life.

The song starts by reminding people the fight is not that of the body but spirit.

He then appeals to all those in trouble and reminds everyone that despite the situation theres someone who will break the bondage.

His manager Wisdom says they are working on an EP, currently untitled.

He revealed Patience Namadingo and Faith Mussa will collaborate with Mc Luther on the next song.

“On Akumasule he worked with Vitu as a producer and patience namadingo as co producer”

“We are planning to record 4 more songs on his project”

“He is yet to feature Patience Namadingo in his next song and faith mussa”

So who is Mc Luther?
Born on 10 july 1995 he was trained by his parents and realisd he could sing age 5.

He sung a group called Little David and at the age of 12 to 15 sung in the church choir.

He want to join an accapela grup called One Voice in which he still sings to date.

One Voice is a skilful male group essential in the growth of Mc Luther musically.

Through the groups hes been learning instruments, he can play guitar and piano.

He Is also in boy band with some of his friends called Fusion.

Born in a family of musicians he is blood with the likes of cousinz Marcus and G.D known as the Daredevlz correctively as well as Zeze a fellow gospel artist now based in U.S.A.

His relation with Bob Zuman o a family of the Last Warning singers makes him an automatic S.D.A member.

Make sure you cope the song when it hits the streets.

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