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Pastor Salanje pokes fun on cash gaters


Free mind and fearless Face book commentator Pastor Salanje has poked fun on people been involved in the famous capital hill looting saying one has not to force money on oneself otherwise the end result is fatal.

In his reasoning, the pastor has said that money is like electricity, elaborating that money has got routes and paths to travel, hence the name CURRENCY!

“Money travels the same way like electricity, electricity has got routes and paths, if you force electricity to travel anyhow, it will spark, it will kill people, and it will cause fire.
“Good morning people of God, yes don’t force money to come into your bank account or into your pocket, because it will spark.

“This is what God told me few days ago when I saw a post of one person who was going to prison for stealing Government money, God told me that many people are in trouble today because of trying to force money into their pockets or bank account>” he wrote on his timeline Tuesday.

Pastor Salanje who is based in RSA has claimed that God has told him to tell people that they must not force money, but rather create paths or routes for the money to travel to their pockets or bank accounts.

“So is money, if you force money to travel anyhow, it will spark, as a result, it can send you to prison, many people are suffering today because they were trying to force money,” he wrote, adding that people have died in the process of trying to force money to come to them, many people including Governments officials are in fears today because they forced money into their bank accounts.

He has since challenged fellow countrymen to create routes and paths for the money to travel to through and not force it.

“If it’s not coming, then wait for a proper time it will come. All these stealing issues, women selling their bodies, killing each other and many more, it’s because people are trying to force money into their pockets.

“That’s why many people don’t believe that there is clean money out there, but I want to tell you that there is clean money,” Salanje said in his post, which is yet to attract comments as his other postings do.

He concludes by saying: “GOD wants to give you clean money, not dirty money. Do you know that it’s more beautiful when you know that the money you are eating is a clean money? You sleep like a baby, you walk like a lion.
I pray to God of heaven and earth to give you wisdom of how to create routes and paths for the money to travel to you. Amen.”

There were no names mentioned, neither has he mentioned anything on his poshy fleet or residences.

Last Friday was the day Suspected cash gate main player, Business man cum politician Osward Lutepo was handed over 11 years jail term of forced money in his pockets, banks and businesses.

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