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Many a nation have developed through loans more especially from the World Bank and the IMF. Japan is one such a country that has benefited from such kind of loans. After the end of the Second World War Japan was in a very sorry state that the only way out was to embark on the rebuilding process and hence chose the path to development. They got loans from the lending institution for reconstruction and investment in human capital development. This was a priority area considering that Japan has no mineral deposits explored so far and much of its land mass is mountainous.

Today, Japan is one of the top three richest countries in the World.
That Malawi has secured loans from the Chinese government few days ago is very welcome news and has to be commended by all. We need such loans for investment in productive areas than consumption. Much as we clap hands for these loans, they will remain a burden for our children if they are not meant for investment in such areas like irrigation and value addition of out produces. They will remain a menace to the very survival of the future generation if these loans are not invested in human capital development.

As a nation we are grateful to the acquisition of the loans for investment in the power sector for this forms a very great integral element in the industrialization of any nation. However, what is worrisome is the departure of the Western countries that have always attached their loans and grants to promotion of democracies in Africa and Malawi in particular. This is creating a gap that China is taking advantage of and extending its influence in Africa including Malawi. We cherish the relationship with China though their democratic governance leaves a lot to be desired. It is in view of this that we are witnessing the negotiation of such big loans by the executive arm of government that secured “victory” through a minority vote without the involvement of Parliament. This is a serious setback to the democracy we all voted for. It is high time the powers of the president were seen to be devolved by laws through Parliament.

I am appreciative of the financial resources earmarked for the construction of the Cancer Centre at a District hospital to be built at Kameza in Blantyre. We really need cancer centres in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Zomba or Mangochi, and Mzuzu. It is however worrisome that whilst Parliament approved a loan for the construction of the same at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe long time ago, the executive finds it befitting to fast track the one at Kameza at the expense for the long approved and waited centre in Lilongwe. I would wish if regionalism were not conspicuously evident in such kind of projects. If this were the case during the MCP administration, we could not have Chancellor College, The Polytechnic, College of Medicine, and Sanjika Palace, district hospitals, secondary schools and many other outstanding infrastructures outside the Central Region where Kamuzu originated. We would love to have application of QUOTA SYSTEM in all our undertakings in the country.

It has become a hallmark of the DPP administration that whenever they are squeezed left and right they always divert the attention of the general public from serious issues like misuse of public resources in ferrying the whole constituency to UNGA, and many more to trivia. They would rather feed the nation with hopes of development projects through loans from China when they are mercilessly busy devouring our taxes. We were busy getting hoodwinked with road projects that are refusing to finish up to now i.e. Zomba – Chitakale via Jali road, Thyolo- Muona via Thekerani road, Dowa – Turnoff to Chezi road, Ekwendeni- Mzimba via Kafukule road. Our attention was given to these projects when people were busy stealing K577 billion at the same time personal palaces were being constructed. All these were done to win a vote for Malawians and continue making the nation impoverished.

We were so happy with the loan that was secured from the Indian government for the purchase of farm tractors and improve agricultural mechanization. These were meant to be hired out to the cooperative societies in the agriculture sector by our local farmers. Today 4 years down the line moist if not all the tractors have grown wings and flown away. I hope Parliament will be able to rekindle this issue when it seats in Lilongwe from the 6th November to 4th December, 2015. Already two dailies had reported two different figures on the Chinese loan. One indicated that we secured K855 billion while the other reported K950 billion. The money has already started vanishing into thin air before it gets into our coffers. Let us all wake up to this.

I would not want my government to get a loan for construction of roads for we can, with financial prudence and proper planning afford to construct roads using our own generated resources through taxes we pay. I would therefore want to have a government that will get loans for revamping and revitalizing the RAIL system in this country. This would in way reduce the cost of doing business in the country. I would want a government that will get a loan for construction of a pipe line alongside the rail line from Nacala port in Mozambique to Liwonde, a conduit that would convey oil from afar to Malawi. I would love my government therefore to intensify the construction of dry port in Liwonde where goods would be stored before distribution to Salima, Lilongwe and Blantyre through the rail system. It is my wish to have a government that will get a loan for installation of pipes from the lake to the inland for intensive irrigation in the arable lands of the Central Region and Northern Region. This calls for construction of the railway line from Mzimba Boma to Kamuzu International Airport and Kanengo industrial Centre to complement road transport of produces from the Greenbelt Program across the country.

I would like to have a government that will live to the reality that the Nsanje World Inland Port will never be realized following the resistance from the Mozambican government. It is therefore time we seriously embark on development of the Mtwara Corridor in the North. This therefore would call for the acquisition of loans from lending institutions for the development of a World Class Bay in Nkhata Bay and a jet on the other side of the lake. As a government we can use our resources for construction of highway from Nkhata Bay to Mzuzu as a commercial hub for that part of our country.

We need the Chinese in the revitalization of all the rice schemes in our country. We need the Chinese expertise in the construction of irrigation canals in the Lower Shire. We need the Chinese expertise in the construction of overhead irrigation facilities in the Central and Northern Regions. We do not need the Chinese to come here and sell us salaula, we do not need them for kupelekera matope pomanga zipatala NO! That we can do as Malawians.

The Malawi Congress Party has a history of achieving what it never promises the people of this nation. The others parties have a history of promising the people of Malawi the moon. I have hope MCP’s administration will implement most these ideas from 2019.

Mr Speaker Sir, I beg to move

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