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To suggest that these people are committing treasonous offence is senseless and useless


President Arthur Peter Mutharika and his government have been advised to ignore the controversial report by the Nicholas Dausi led National Intelligence Bureau that labels some politicians and civil society leaders as being up against his government.

Afriem picks one such free advice as put forward by veteran journalist Dickson Kashoti who of late has been on the limelight posting statements backing and congratulating Professor Mutharika and his government on “achievements” and how they are managing Malawi.

It could be against this background and his love for Professor Mutharika and probably Dr. Chilima that Kashoti feels they should completely ignore the NIB report because it would do more harm than good to them and the nation.

“The government should tear this report and trash it in dust bin. A sensible and responsible government would not even dare make high politic arrests on such flimsy grounds in this harsh economic and political climate,” a touched and duty bound Kashoti tells it al on his FB.

Malawi is currently going through tough terrain in nearly all sectors of life. for example in the Health sector, Hospitals are running without drugs, patients getting either no meal or a single meal a day, ambulances are grounded due to lack of fuel, hospital staff are no longer getting over time payments, among many other problems the health sector is facing.

As the saying goes that ‘experience is the best teacher’, Kashoti brings to light the former vice president Dr. Cassim Chilumpha case as an example, saying in 2006 or there about, a senior military intelligence officer came to pick him and Arnold Mnelemba from their base, the Chronicle newspapers offices, for drinks because he had big news to share.

The Lilongwe based Chronicles was one of the high profile and investigative newspapers during those days and many sources were hunting for reporters from the publications to break their news.

“We arrived at the designated place but he never broke the news. He was constantly on his multipurpose intelligence phone. Then around midnight, he called us aside to tell us the vice president Dr.Cassim Chilumpha has been arrested on treason charges,” unfolds the news Dickson Kashoti.

Dr. Chilumpha’s case is said to have been built on intelligence report and it does not surprise people like Kashoti that the case is collapsing in the courts.

“So when I read this so called NIB report on Chakwera and CSOs, I said my foot, intelligence officers at politicians again! What NIB must know is that Malawi has moved on, it should not operate as a political party intelligence unit, not as the former police Special Branch nor as the notorious MYP intelligence branch infamous for abducting dissidents to feed crocodiles in Shire river. We are now in democracy,” Kashoti notes.

He further dissects that even if Dr. Chakwera met the CSOs, he finds nothing illegal, otherwise looks at that as democracy being at work.

“That is how it should be in democracy. Even if the CSOs did discuss regime change issue with Dr. Chakwera, there is nothing illegal as long as they follow democratic ways.

“Even if Dr. Chakwera goes to parliament to lay grounds for the impeachment of the president, there is nothing illegal, procedures are in our Constitution,” he argues.

He adds: “CSOs are not barred by law to solicit money for their activities i.e. protest marches and for NIB to suggest to the head of state that these people are committing treasonous offence is senseless and useless and is a threat to democracy,” Kashoti puts to light.

NIB is told in the face that if Dr.Chakwera and the CSOs were reassembling the MYP in a bid to oust a democratically elected government that would have been illegal but asking the president to resign is not illegal.

The journalist, turned special adviser, says that there are very intelligent, wonderful, hard working and professional NIB officers but there are also rogue officers who create such projects to pocket allowances, who basing on this Afriem thinks are dangerous to the president and the nation and should be avoided at all cost otherwise they deserve being laid off or arrested.

This week, NIB produced a secret report that suggests that MCP President and Leader of Opposition parties in Parliament, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera is ganging up with Civil Society leaders to oust the Mutharika-Chilima led DPP government because of the many mistakes they have surfaced this year.

There has however been no comment from the State House but Government Spokesperson Jappie Mhango’s comment was that he would not comment on intelligence report in the press.-Additional reporting by Thandie Maselema.

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