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[Wise One From The East]

For those failing to connect this critical bill to development, let me spell it out as simply as I can.

Among the key differences between Malawi (plus her fellow poor countries) and most of the developed countries is the fact that in the developed countries, politicians do not steal as easily as they do in the poor countries for fear of exposure by the media and public sanctions.

The media, in the developed countries, has teeth because accessing the information they need to expose thieves is an enacted legal right.

In Malawi on the other hand, to get information on how our own money, which we contribute through taxes has been used, is next to impossible.

The minister of propaganda will “disclose” the “extravagance associated with the opposition while sitting on a mountain of stinking shit, which if the media accessed, could bring down the government.

luciusbThe lack of a public outcry to the diluting and postponing of the draft ATI Bill is therefore an example of how little Malawians care about the things that really matter. This behaviour is like a blind man who cares less where his walking stick is.

Observing Malawi social media, one school of Malawians wrongly thinks the bill was for the benefit of media practitioners. The other school is saying, since it is my DiPhiPhi playing this game, this is fine.

My assessment of both schools of thought? Irredeemable bunches of idiots.

The truth is: this overdue bill is what Malawi has been missing since we adopted plural politics. Because plural politics means nothing if citizens are only fed propaganda by the respective ministry, via state funded institutions and compliant cheque-book journalists, instead of the whole truth.

We need the independent media to be able to dig deep into State fiscal affairs, if we are to avoid a recurrence of cash gate.

But whatever the case, please stop requesting Lucius Banda to sing about your lamentations and tribulations if you, yourself, cannot contribute any voice. Just sit wherever you are and suffer happily.

I rest
[WiseOne FromTheEast]

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