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The power in a name; What’s the meaning of yours?


By Peter Chipanga

Many people probe what’s in a name because regardless of where one originates from, a name has a silent but sturdy voice. From time immemorial, names of places or features, businesses or pets have a story to tell.
It is therefore imperative to know the meaning of the name one answers to, because a name is in a way an acknowledgement in our lives, and a destiny.

What story is in your name, and does it reflect on something good or contradict what you believe in or about the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Other than seeing names given at birth being changed either by parents or owners because of other emerging circumstances, either bad manifestations or to simply reflect on a new status, the Bible has several people who went through the same, including places.

The Old Testament has a story of Jacob who when he sought for a blessing the Lord had to change his name to Israel before blessing him; Genesis 32:26b-28.

You ask the connection? “Jacob” means “swindler,” or “deceiver.” It could not please God to bless a “swindler” or a “deceiver” so the Lord had to find a name that reflected His Word hence Jacob changed his name to Israel.

There is also a story of Abraham on God’s promise upon his life, but not before changing his name. Yes, it had to be changed before the promise could be fulfilled, Genesis 17:5.

Brethren, are we not missing God’s blessings or promises because we are clinging to names that are not biddable with what we look up to from the Lord?

Hear God talking to Abraham in Genesis 17:15-16: “As for Sarai thy wife, thou shalt not call her name Sarai, but Sarah shall her name be. And I will bless her……”

In the New Testament Jesus changed Simon’s name to Peter because wanted his name to be consistent with what God’s Word would say about him.

The connection? “Simon” means a reed that is swayed in the wind and it reflected how he behaved as at one moment he would be courageous and full of faith but come another moment he would be a doubting person.

Whereas “Peter” means a stone founded on a rock; and by calling him Peter, Jesus was revealing to him a new destiny and purpose; Matthew 16:17-18.

If our names reflect rough experiences in life of those who gave us, never mind, allow the Name of Lord Jesus be upon you. Thank God for the revelation of His Word and pray that it enlightens you.

Being the centre of His will, where all things synchronizes and functions for our advantage, it’s never late to act on a name that does not agree with the Word or is not consistent with who you are in Christ, change it, its Biblically pre-eminence!// (Ends)

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