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Chipandas burial in Blantyre Wednesday

Burial of Charles, wife Grace and 13 year old Gift will take place in Blantyre Wednesday January 13 2015, relatives have confirmed to our sources.
We understand that although Charles comes from Mangochi and Grace from Zomba, family members have agreed that burial take lace at Stella Maris Cemetery in Blantyre. Vigil is taking place in Chimwankhunda, Grace’s aunt place.
Blantyre Police has revealed that there was a suicide note left which many people have questioned its authenticity, with some arguing that Grace might have written under duress.
One of the people who has argued through Whatsapp is one Steve Taulo, a cousin of the lady who has been killed.
Steve writes:
Ok people. Its such a long story to right when you are grieving. But to just make it short.
Grace Kabula who was 44 had 3 children. 2 older girls and the slain boy Gift. Her other daughters have a kid each (2 grand children) so she left them in bangwe where she owns houses that my late uncle and aunt left for them when they died.
She married that guy only last year. I only met the guy once before their wedding when Grace came to introduce him to my parents.He was doing business. And Grace was working a s a stores clerk at an Anglican church.When Grace discovered that her husband was involved in some sinister activities after she discovered a gun in the house (armed robberies and possibly murders) she confronted him and expressed her desire to leave the marriage and re-join her daughters in Bangwe. (She had already consulted my mother and other family members on this). The husband fearing if she left she was going to snitch on him started threatening to kill her. She reversed her decision but the abuse was intensifying.This culminated into a total breakdown of the relationship and Grace was convinced she needed to get out of it. She telephoned my aunt (Mrs Kalitera) and asked if she could move to her house 1st before re-joining her daughters in Bangwe for safety reasons.

Upon seeing that Grace was now serious with her intentions Mr husband then took matters into his own hands and made a decision to deliver judgment. The family believes she was forced at gun point to write that confession note and sign (I can not confirm this because there were only 3 people in the house and them all dead). Then the execution began.

Gift is a victim of a witness to murder. He had experienced the abuse and heard the whole story and was gonna tell a contrary one to the confession note. So he had to go.

Grace was a constant feature at our house and when her parents died she moved to our house with her younger brother Elton. There Eldest brother Winston now lives in Jorburg and is a motor vehicle mechanic. He may have fixed some of your cars at his garage at Limbe market.
I was close to Grace cause she was my naughty partner at home.

Burial will take place today. Family still deciding the place. My mom comes from Zomba. Most likely to be burried in bt!

Thank you all.


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