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Murderer, Murder victims named, Man kills wife, a child and himself


A Malawian man, Charles Chipanda, has killed his wife, Grace nee Kabula and a 13 year old primary school going boy, Gift-his step son with his own gun, before killing himself Sunday night.

Bodies of the three were taken to QECH Monday.

The family was staying in Zingwangwa township in Blantyre. The reasons behind the mayhem is not yet confirmed but the first reports that came public were that the man, who is in mini bus operation and shop business was infuriated with suspicion that his wife was cheating on him.

A version that came out Monday evening was that the man was a hard core armed robber and on a police wanted list. The police are yet to confirm this.

But it is alleged that he has been on the run for quiet sometime and that although the wife knew his hide out she kept the secret until he came home yester night and spent the whole night there only to pick a quarrel for a yet to be known reason.

Sources claim that the wife threatened the man that she would alert the police of his presence and senses went out of the man who in no time fished out his pistol and spread the bullets to the two before killing himself.

Bodies of the three were found by community members who broke into the house of the family this afternoon after noticing that it had not been opened since morning.

An eye witness said that he saw broken empty bottles scattered in the house but was not sure whether they were used as missiles. he however disclosed that the main door was barricaded by a bed an indication that the man did not want the woman to get out or people to get in during the massacre.

We can also report that the woman was a Stores Official at the Soche Anglican Parish where the two wedded last year.

Our other source confided that Grace was a grandmother as one of her elder daughters has a kid of about six years. Her second born is also an adult working in RSA.

Vigil is in Chilobwe-Chatha home of the woman but burial arrangements are not yet made public as the Church is also in dilemma as to how to handle the matter.

The pictures here show the police taking the bodies of the three to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital Mortuary.

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