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Should Malawians be praying for rains?


Recently, the HE led the nation in prayers for the rains. A genuine need. Should we continue praying for rains to survive? YES we should. But my conviction is that we need to expand our prayers and focus on praying for wisdom, hard work, integrity, patriotism and boldness. Let me explain:


…So that our eyes should be opened to see that crops need water and not rains. We can grow almost anything if only we can use the abundance of water which God has blessed us with already. In church I was taught; “Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold”. Some Pentecostal and Charismatic preachers like quoting scriptures out of context and make a whole sermon out of it: “I tell you, if you sow a seed in my ministry, you will reap a hundredfold as Isaac did, can I hear an Amen!” Ok?


… HOW did Isaac harvest a hundredfold? Where was he? What did he DO? HOW did he DO it? Well, read the whole chapter of Genesis 26. First of all, there was famine in the land (verse1). The Lord still told him to plant and he became very wealthy and had so much flocks and heards and servants that the Philistines envied him. (Mind you, these animals needed water, lots and lots of water). Where did he get the water for his crop and animal production? He dug wells, several wells (verse19-22).

While in church last Sunday, the Pastor said, “Lets pray for our nation…” While we were praying, I heard God say to me, “What do you think would happen to this nation if all churches taught their members to do as Isaac did – dig wells and venture into crop and animal production?” I pondered over the thought: “Indeed, what if each and every church had a dam to store up water? What if each church in Malawi committed to invest in irrigation farms? I mean, with all the tithes and offerings being collected…”

Are we prepared to get wisdom and do some hard work? Or we would rather close our eyes, pray and wait for the “free falling water from heaven?” Isaac harvested a hundredfold, not from rain water, but he dug wells just as his father Abraham did. (…to be continued)

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