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The Foundations of Success (part 1)


Any strong building requires a solid foundation. The taller the building, the deeper the foundation. If you want to build a successful life in any aspect or area of your life, the foundation matters. There are some fundamentals that MUST be understood and applied in your life as you desire to build and lead a successful life. In this series, we will explore a few:


This is probably at the core of personal success – Know Thyself. You are unique and that means there are qualities, abilities, hidden potential in you that is different from anyone else.

Who are you?
What are you?
What special abilities do you possess?
Who is the original YOU in you?
What can you BECOME if you developed yourself to the full?

Many of us are failing to make progress in life because we are nothing but photocopies of others. We are too busy trying to imitate and copy everyone else around us that we have completely lost direction in life. Almost everything on us and in us is fake. The eyebrows, the lips, the hair, the nails, the cheeks, your height, are all “imported”. (Just pulling your hair ladies, relax, you look great in the costume!!!!)

The company you keep is influencing you in a particular direction, and sometimes, away from your destiny. If you desire to lead a successful life, one of the key fundamentals is discovering the original YOU. Take time to discover yourself and the hidden potential in you. The more you discover yourself, the easier it will be for you to build a lasting successful life.

It is much easier to do what you were designed to be, than it is to become something else. Think of a fridge for example; it was designed to keep food cool and / or frozen. That is the original purpose for the fridge. You will be frustrated if you try to use your fridge for cooking or boiling your water – that is not the original purpose.
ACTION: Buy a Journal or a hardcover notebook. In it, write down at least 20 of your talents, skills, and abilities. List down everything you are capable of doing and becoming. You were born an original, please don’t die a copy! Begin this personal re-discovery exercise and lay a solid foundation for your success.

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