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People get married for different reasons though the society has made us to believe that soon after grabbing their College certificate/degree girls should think about marriage.

We are not saying it’s wrong to get married after you finish your studies but the habit of treating marriage as a solution to problems or to silence people has to stop.

Marriage is a decision you have to make on your own as an individual and people should not decide for you.
We remember one of our friends got a divorce just 3 months after she got married. It was really sad. She said her marriage was something she did not want, she got married for the wrong reasons. She did it simply because that is what everyone expected her to do after she finished her studies.

Most young people, especially females, take marriage as a priority but it is not supposed to be like that. Of course marriage may not be exclusively for procreation as other factors like provision of security for its members and fostering communal life are also involved. But procreation is beautiful, isn’t it?

Our concern, however, is how young women get pressured to get married by their families and the society. Yes the society might feel it is the right time for you to get married but it is up to you whether to impress the ones around you and get married for the wrong reasons or not.


There is no way you can be committed to your partner if you got married for the wrong reasons. So, when you think of marriage, you need to be sure of what you really want because you are making a commitment of a life time.

True love in marriage is not based just on emotional feelings as emotional feelings come and they go. Get to know this, you have to understand that when you make this important decision to get married, commitment is then a must. Even if married and you are not feeling really good about your spouse.

It all goes back to the story of Adam and Eve. Marriage was started by God. We can confidently affirm that even our brothers and sisters in the faith, Muslims, take marriage to be a very valuable thing in our lives.


Getting married at a tender age is not wrong but it should not be because Refilwe, Three Bowola, Nose Bowola, Thokozire and all my friends are getting married and have kids and I am busy being bridesmaid… so what? We are different people and God’s time is the best.

Ladies, stop pushing him to put a ring on it because you feel like you are growing old and maybe he might change his mind. Trust me, if he changes his mind, then it was not meant to be.

Gentlemen, don’t rush popping the big question when you know you are not ready and still have that side girl.
The society we are in has got to change its mentality of criticizing others especially girls when they are 24 and are neither in a stable relationship nor talking about marriage. It does not work that way for everyone. Not everyone gets her Mr right by then. Stop making marriage look like a priority to every 24 year old girl.

The bible and the Qur’an we own and read do not have an age limit for marriage. To some girls, marriage is just an option.

IT’S ALWAYS TEA TIME By Deborah Luka (Limkokwing University of creative technology) & Noel Zacharia (University of Malawi, Chancellor College)

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