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Information Minister wants K100m from Kamlepo


Minister of Information in the democratic progressive party (DPP) government Jappie Mhango is demanding K100 million from home boy Kamlepo Kalua, for his allegations that Mhango was the mastermind of the violence that took place at a Malawi Congress Party rally last week.

Mhango told the Times Group that he is demanding the K100 million for defamation from Kalua within 48 hours from Thursday and has vowed to fight Kalua to the end until the truth prevails.

Kalua is Rumphi East Member of Parliament and Vice President for the Peoples Party.

Mhango said: “He used the media saying I was in Mzuzu and I bought pangas to disturb MCP rally. I was in Blantyre then. He must come clean on this. He should tell people how I was involved in the fracas.

“I am demanding K100 compensation for defamation. My lawyer Wapona Kita called him yesterday [Thursday] to serve him with the demand letter. If he does not satisfy what is there, then we will meet in the High Court”

The DPP government Spokesperson has said that Kalua has been making various serious allegations about government and other personalities but he has always got away with it.

“For example, Kalua alleged in Parliament that government had bought vehicles for K3 billion but he could not provide evidence.
Kalua also alleged in the just-ended Parliament that government had hidden European Union funds in Office of the President and Cabinet vote to increase perks for Cabinet ministers.

“The funds are meant for democracy consolidation programme. He could not provide evidence when government side in the House demanded so.

“He is defaming people. He is always left scot-free. There must be a stop to this. Politics is not about telling lies or damaging other people. We will meet in court,” said Mhango.

In the clip which is tendered as part of the evidence for Kalua’s utterances, he alleges that DPP was behind the fracas with their panga knives.

“Goodall Gondwe, Jappie Mhango, [Nicholas] Dausi [Director of National Intelligence Service] and all regional committee went to my constituency on Saturday before the rally on Sunday. They told people in my constituency that I have no respect for the President and that I climb tables when speaking in Parliament.

“After the meeting, they met at Grand Palace Hotel where they planned to block the Sunday meeting. We got intelligence that they hired thugs and bought them PP clothes. They met at Khumbo Kachali house where Goodall, Mhango and Dausi were in attendance,” said Kalua.

In the clip he further alleged that the thugs, on instructions from DPP gurus, wanted to deal with him, MCP president Lazarus Chakwera, Peoples Party legislator Harry Mkandawire and Alliance for Democracy president Enock Chihana.

He further alleged that some of the thugs who were caught revealed that they were sent by Mhango, Dausi, Goodall and Peoples Party legislators Khumbo Kachali and Reverend Christopher Ngwira and that there was coordination with Transport Minister Francis Kasaila.

Kalua has told Times Group that he had not yet received any summons but added that he was not amused by DPP’s efforts to seize his Rumphi East Constituency for the party’s candidate.

“Let them go ahead but they will not get away with it. They are using intimidation to get their man into this constituency. Their aim is to make me bankrupt. This is politics. They provoke me and so I should keep quiet because they are ministers? If they have no money, let them ask their President to give them but not getting rich on me,” said Kalua.

He added: “Goodall was at Chiweta in my constituency on Saturday where he provoked me by telling people that I climb tables when speaking in Parliament. Jappie is always in my constituency talking ill of me. Kasaila says I talk nonsense.

“All of them have been provoking me but I have never sued them. This is politics. The first president Dr Kamuzu Banda, Dr Bakili Muluzi and even Joyce Banda were always castigated. Did they sue anybody for that?”

On the contrary, DPP spokesperson Kasaila said he has not filed any case against Kalua and said doing so would be wasting time.

But he challenged Kalua that Cabinet ministers or anybody were free to go to any constituency and campaign for their candidates.

“He [Kalua] was not there as MP from 2009 to 2014 and he will not be there forever. Others will come. There is nothing wrong for people campaigning for their candidates. Nothing stops any party from going to any constituency. MCP was in Mzuzu last week. That is not their constituency,” said Kasaila.

Kalua is known for making allegations both in Parliament and at political rallies about the ruling DPP and its leadership.
Government on the other hand is not comfortable with Kalua with his allegations.

Government has always insisted that Kalua bring evidence for any allegations he makes.

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  1. Rabson Hdc Nyirendah March 26, 2016 at 10:46 am -  Reply

    for what

  2. Amos Nyasulu March 26, 2016 at 10:52 am -  Reply

    Asibweni a Jappiiiiii lyaninge waka vakuba va DPP kamulepo simungamuthe ntaaa.

  3. Henry Wambeu Chuzu March 26, 2016 at 11:34 am -  Reply

    So is this one on the picture minister of information?

  4. Petros Chico Adamson March 26, 2016 at 12:29 pm -  Reply

    This ministry is occupied by funny individuals. I can just remember how Nankhumwa held a Newspaper that was about Bingu’s death

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