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First open letter to MTL CEO: Your internet services leave a lot to be desired


Dear Mr MTL CEO,

How do you introduce a facility that you fail to manage? Do you know the kind of shame your ineptitude in managing MTL is subjecting us, your innocent customers?

Look, you, without consultations to us your customers, suspended the easy way of recharging internet airtime and told us to be recharging by logging to your website, , using the

For a week now, this service has not been available and when we ask the customer service, they are telling us to be dictating to them our airtime PIN numbers to be entering for us at your command centre as it was doubtful that this service would come back any time soon.

If we want to buy an internet bundle; they are telling us to be doing that on our behalf. What nonsense is this that someone should be meddling on a transaction a customer would be in charge of? This is greatly inconveniencing us your customers and truth be told, this is a true definition of taking customers for granted. Why not just reverting to the old easy method of recharging airtime if you are failing to manage your own innovation? Don’t start something you can’t manage to finish!

Mr CEO, note that your services leave a lot to be desired with continuous interruptions and you even don’t care to tell us your customers that we will not have internet services within a specified time because you are working on something.

And by the way, what kind of problems do you face week in week out? Truth be told, your company is a nuisance just like ESCOM and if this is as a result of your incompetency, then just honorably resign; we will not miss you, boss.

To government, open the doors for more ICT companies with a national outreach to come and start giving us internet services because so far, the other internet service providers in the country are useless to the core as they simply provide their services in the three cities of country and more importantly within the CBD. This situation gives MTL, the only company with a wider outreach, a license to provide mediocre services, after all, they know that as their customers, we will go nowhere but cling to them.

As for companies like TNM and Airtel; they are so expensive in their internet tariffs and their dongle internet services are meant for the super rich in the country and not the majority of us poor Malawians in the country. Their internet services as well leave a lot to be desired.

Back to you Mr MTL CEO; please do something to resolve the situation I have brought to your attention.
Concerned Citizen

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