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The Campaign for PAIN IN US HAS NOW BECOME PERMANENT UNTIL YOU (CHAPONDA) RESIGN’ is slowly but surely gaining ground as Malawians across the country are calling for the Government, Parliament and Chaponda to wake up and act accordingly lest they be caught pants down.

Afriem can report that Malawians have started to fearlessly expressing their unreserved conviction that if the country has a leader worth carrying the Malawi flag both locally and n the international scene then he has to to get up before something falls on him to allow his government machinery in getting one Cabinet Minister George Chaponda out of the system.

“Chaponda should be fired otherwise what kind of signals are we sending to those in the civil service and indeed the whole nation of the kind of people we would want to be serving the government and paying them tax payers money in millions for propelling theft in the ministries they lead,” reasoned one citizen in Blantyre.

Her sentiments were echoed by another who said if the executive arm of government is not ready to fire its own employee for fear of stabbing itself in the foot, then the another arm of government which is Parliament should do so.

“For parliament and government, the surest way to making peace with us who are being hurt by keeping minister Chaponda in control is by summoning him to spell out the missing billions at Agriculture and foreign office, otherwise Pain in us has now become permanent until it is removed. So wake up parliament: fire Chaponda,” she demanded.

The press quoted Halmiton Chimala of the Agriculture Ministry Public Relations Office: “The officers are interdicted without pay and are not allowed to carry out any transactions without due authorization of the Ministry in accordance with the Malawi Public Service Regulations.”

Historical and current facts have every point to back people who are calling for the removal of Chaponda and also calling for Parliament to have him summoned to spell out the missing billions at Agriculture and Foreign Office.

For some of you who might have forgotten who Chaponda is, this is the Cabinet Minister that the whole President who delegated to be in-charge of UNGA trip that was an international scandal of the decade.

Up until now, the government can not explain why under his nose money stolen only at one Embassy has shoot to US$406,246.15 ( about K293 million), vindicating earlier fears that more money might have been siphoned at different embassy which has also forced him to remove those who brought the news out.

“The stealing process in all these embassies and at ministry of Agriculture were all well-crafted operations where some officials diverted some remittances into their personal accounts, then later that money disappearing to unknown accounts,” said a report on what the auditor said.

On how much has been embezzled at the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development , Chimala said the figure is in “millions of Kwacha” if not over a billion, saying finer details will be disclosed following conclusion of other administrative technicalities.

For Dr. Chaponda himself, it was better that he stepped down voluntarily if he knows that his hands are clean so that the immunity that the law enforcers are afraid of can be gotten rid of and allow justice to take its course.

“Unless if he wants another arm of government which is the judiciary to be propelled into action by concerned citizens that if done will be the worst of time in his lifetime so better the President, the parliament save him by shedding him off.

“Or let him serve himself by resigning, if he is man enough,” challenged a Lilongwe political analyst.

But it is for this silent part that Malawians are supporting the campaign of ‘PAIN IN US HAS NOW BECOME PERMANT UNTIL YOU RESIGN’

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