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For the second time around ordinary Malawians came in huge numbers to see and cheer Rev. Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, who was in the company of his Deputy and Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Richard Msowoya when the two went to Bolero, Rumphi to attend the Gonapamhanya ceremony.

The crowds could not hold their excitement and immediately lined up the streets all the way to Bolero some hanging MCP flags on their verandas and along the streets. One gentleman was heard shouting excitedly, “Welcome bwana President! This is your home!!!” The throng of people lined up the streets and some were seen pulling out their MCP cloths and flags and waving at Chakwera and Msowoyas convoy.

“Since hearing that Dr. Chakwera was coming to Rumphi for Gonapamhanya, we were very excited. I had to search for my party flag and chitenje. We believe in Chakwera and Msowoya and their leadership. All these propaganda on MBC TV and radio are a clear indication that he is doing the right things. We love Chakwera! Viva Chakwera!” Said one of the women clad in full MCP regalia of 1979. “This is my party and now we have the right man at the helm to take this country out of misery!” Said the lady.

When Kaliati and Jappie arrived, they got infuriated and were seen pushing their way to meet paramount Chief Chikulamayembe to chase the MCP crowd that was there. It was surprising when she went on to direct Policemen to push away anyone doning MCP regalia. Kaliati did not stop there, but went to her car to take out DPP wrappers and t/shirts whilst shouting to the other cadets to find her people.

She was heard shouting that she can even pay anyone to put on the cloth. To her astonishment, only a handful accepted the regalia but many others just stood by watching the drama unfold. This did not go well with the crowd which told them bluntly that what Kaliati and Jappie were doing could easily end up in embarassment of the two. It took Chakwera and Msowoya to intervene and calm the people through the party’s Regional Chairperson. The event started when calm returned. 14502694_1768382466770456_8932725631147384128_n

To everyone’s surprise, people started jostling and pointing to the podium at Kaliati who was obviously fast asleep. Even those clad in DPP attire started mocking and laughing at her. Realising this, Kaliati could not contain the embarassment and the Chakwera euphoria. She angrily stood up and took leave with most people mirking at her luck of manners.

This is a second time that Chakwera has wowed the crowds showing how popular he is getting to the masses. Even with all the propaganda against him and recently on his relationship with his vice, if what happened at the event is anything to go by, it is a shame to the naysayers and propagandists in the blue camp. Chakwera and Richard Msowoya were seen laughing and joking together. Even their spouses were seen chatting casually which was icing on the event.

“This is fantastic. This is delightful. With all the propaganda on state-funded media houses, they must be ashamed. We in Rumphi will vote Chakwera and Msowoya only. These blue cadets no matter how much they try, it will only expose them that they mean evil. We cannot buy any of their nonsense anymore. This goverment has failed period.” Said one of the excited youth at the venue.

Ellena Moyo

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