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History was made yesterday at the GONAPAMUYANYA


History was once again made yesterday at the GONAPAMUYANYA cultural event. Dpp has lost Ground.
In the North.

Outsmarted by MCP well organised visibility that took DPP by storm, they tried to employee some tactics that eventually turned the function into somewhat a political event.Big up Bolero people who stood their ground, by giving DPP a cold shoulder ,as others were held shouting ” you thieves don’t spoil our event or leave this place. You have brought us hunger, we don’t want you here.” Then the shamefaced DPP zealoits calmed down.

I would like to dwell much on the way DPP behaves at such functions where Dr Lazarus Chakwera is in attendance. Truly the ruling party is in a shock each time they are in the North. As has been the case elsewhere they would not want Dr Chakwera command attraction from the populace. They would employ the following tactics:

1 Take over or manipulate organization of the event and areas affected would be, sitting plan and salutations.
They will make sure Dr chakwera sits where it could be difficult to be noticed.
Salutations would except Dr chakwera’s name.

2 Youth cadets and women are picked in trucks from other district or constituencies, where a minister in attendance comes from ,to boost their visibility.

We have noticed one funny thing though,that when a minister’s name, who has brought a bigger number of cadets is mentioned, he or she would command a bigger ululation than others.

To overcome this unbecoming behavior,it takes some brave characters to make some timely interventions,as was the case yesterday.

It was evident that they didn’t want to mention about the presence of Dr Chakwera and speaker, Hon Richard the MC was seen panicking, trying to avoid mentioning names of these Big men who have now become a daring of the masses.

They did not also want to mention the gift “a cow “our President had given to the Paramount chief.but after we had intervened ,it was then announced.
Having been torn apart at umutheto in Mzimba at Hora in August,they had this time connived with the organising committee to invite a different clergy, to bless the occasion as Rev Levie Nyondo and Rev Douglas Chipofya
of Synod of livingstonia ,remained enemies of DPP government due to how the two men of God denounced promotion of the infamous Land bill ,telling the President not sign the bill ,so that the it shouldn’t become a law and warned that if the President would not take heed of it ,Govt should expect tough resistance at implementation level.

MCP and Dr Lazarus Chakwera have now become indispensable to the nation.

Malawian especially in the north have sent a strong massage to DPP that they want MCP back in Government ,under the undisputable sound and visionary leadership of Dr Lazarus M Chakwera. All the way from Rumphi boma people were held praising Dr Chakwera .

Word of wisdom:

My fellow workers at all levels ,all what is happening ,must not be a reason to make us relax, but an extra energy to do more. Let us conduct rallies and keep the momentum. Surly a better and prosperous Malawi is possible!!!

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