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Henry Kachaje: “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything ~Albert Einstein~ If more professionals would choose to remain professional in their jobs, or even be willing to lose their jobs for the sake of integrity and patriotism, Malawi can progress”

God loves the Reverend and separated him from liars by making APM sack him. God has ways of rescuing people.

Its Amazing how many voice are now supporting Reverend Hon Ndau for standing up against DPP despite many DPP guys critisizing him and mainly those in Zongoba on FB. Here are some reasons and why I am joining those supporting the young pastor.

Question: What happened for a handsome young Reverend to start telling us lies and even went ahead to attack Dr Laz who was the fellow pastor when the young Reverend Ndau was a Principal of Bible College Blantyre?

1: When Ndau told us about the presidents Robust health, according to him, he was only relaying a message from the presidential team in USA.

2: Hon Ndau never wrote that press release attacking Dr Laz nor did he authorise it. Its amazing to find out that there are some people who braved it and tried to play clean.


3: NICK YIANNAKIS: Gerrard, he was part of the Gang, whether he know alot or not, but to get out and speak out he must be very courageous. I now like the young man. The heat is on and DPP doesn’t want any outsiders nor can they afford to loose a member. They tried to use him as a puppet, ‘Say this and do that’. Firing him means he was not a good puppet to dance to their tune and that’s good for Malawi.

4: Gerrard Ben Mzaza Nkhata: If everyone is to think running away is an option. Soon we will have all the top positions to the corrupt. SOMEONE HAS TO BRAVE IT UNTIL FIRED.

5: ELLA: APM is a good man but as a President he has power to say no to being mislead. Ben Kadwala: APM has got skeletons to hide mind you….. The more he tries the more its been exposed. (Bravo Ndau). He has a big problem. Thibe: A good man does not steal money from his own starving family. Period. RHODA KAMCHACHA : So if APM is a bad boss and he fired Ndau, then i think Hon Ndau should be a good person. We know he is going at just shuffling, from one ministry to the other except for Ndau.

6: Joseph Nduna; From what he says, we can conclude that God loves the Reverend and separated him from liars by making APM sack him. God has ways of rescuing his people. Ndau has given an inside of dpp. Now we know.

Why did Hon Ndau not speak out before being fired? The time Hon Ndau was a minister, he had the platform to criticise from inside. He was given the audience. This could also be one of the reasons the DPP top gurus pushed APM to get him fired.


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