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THE REJECTED CORNER STONE PUZZLE : Mutharika swallows his pride to recognise “Njoka saweta” aka Chilima


Bvulumende’s advise to Chilima: Don’t let the same popi bite you twice, people will devalue you, mutha kutengeraponso chiwewe.

THE REJECTED CORNER STONE PUZZLE : Mutharika swallows his pride to recognise “Njoka saweta” aka Chilima

By Gerrard Mzaza Nkhata

Proverbs 27:5-6 : Better is open rebuke Than love that is concealed. Faithful are the wounds of a friend, But deceitful are the kisses of an enemy.

Hon Chilima, your “Njoka Saweta” jibe is very true but also get to know that Njakanso Siweta mwana wa munthu. It’s either they are both snakes or both humans or soon someone will regret.

There is a saying that goes like; “Chimafuna m’bale, chimabwera” and for now the proverb best suits no other man than the so called first citizen, Arthur Mutharika, who in his wisdom he has been mentally torturing his vice Saulos Chilima, for clandestine reasons.

The Malawi president has surprised many people including his inner circle, for humbly swallowing his pride and hailed Chilima for swiftly responding to disaster hit areas to ensure that those affected receive assistance in good time.

Ironically, this is not the first time Chilima has acted in a professional manner on national issues but the bone of contention all along has been that the state vice president does not want to thrive on the background of other people’s sufferings as most those in government now do.

“Chilima does not jump on such opportunities as his friends do by saying ‘pasya msika palibe stock or mu stediamu kuba kumaphweka pamene chigoli chalowa’,” said someone in DPP top hierarchy.

He added: “That puts him afar from Mutharika who favors handicappers even though they in turn steal his government and puts him to shame.”

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leader who won most votes because of his surprise pairing with the youthful and enterprising Chilima, went back to his old after swearing in as president and started sidelining his vice opting for party vice president and man of the moment, Dr. George Chaponda.

But just as it is written in Ecclesiastes, there is time for everything and time has come, for him to alert the nation who a real man is between Chaponda and Chilima in his plain eyes.

Mutharika has recognised the star performance of Chilima this time around for his urgency and swiftness to the disaster news and one day Chilima will be forgotten again.

Mutharika, who is at pains to swallow the mess Chaponda has put the DPP and his government in, publicly declared Chilima as a superstar when he visited people who were affected by the floods that hit Lilongwe’s Mtandire, Area 47, 49, Nankhaka and Mgona.

He assured the people who lost their property that they will be assisted accordingly. Over 2000 people were reported to have been affected by the floods and they include under five children, women, students and elders.

“I was pleased to receive a report from the vice president about the situation and that kind of spirit is a spirit of umunthu. When people have problems we help them,” Mutharika said.

Chilima who spoke earlier bemoaned the tendency by some stakeholders to withhold aid meant for distribution to the victims.

But while we are welcoming the stand taken by Mutharika to recognise his vice performance, let us not forget what Chilima said during the presidential campaign rally in Ndirande, Blantyre that “Njoka saweta”.

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