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Ambulance driver who cruise against presidential convoy summoned


Police in Lilongwe has summoned to Police National Headquarters an ambulance driver who was reportedly cleared to cruise with two critically ill patients to Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) whilst President Peter Mutharika’s convoy was due.

On Tuesday, April 16, the ambulance driver from Area 25 clinic who drove from Kanengo to KCH while APM was on his way to Kasungu for campaign rallies was called by Police for disciplinary charging.

Reports indicate that the driver was carrying a child and mother who were both on oxygen machine and needed an urgent referral to KCH.

It is further reported that police followed the ambulance to KCH where they demanded its impounding and arrest of the driver a development which has irked many Malawians on the social media.

Police who have since defended the action as ensuring the President’s Security said the driver should have stopped and let Mutharika pass.

Meanwhile, people on the social media are suggesting that the driver be promoted and awarded for being courageous to cruise opposite the presidential convoy.

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