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CHAKWERA’S 100 DAYS – Hope or No hope?


It’s now over 100 days in Chakwera’s presidency since he assumed the Presidential seat in end June this year following his victory on court declared fresh presidential election that resulted due to the nullification of 2019 presidential poll.

The first 100 days, looked at in all dimensions, contain a mixed bag of both positives and negatives characterized by a number factors.

According to Chakwera’s address on how he has undertaken this far, his speech does not go very far from the realistics of what he has really achieved.

Basing on his campaign promises, some of the attainable promises that were to be achieved in short term, it is a deniable fact that most of what he could have achieved, he has really achieved in various ways.

In the first 100 days, Malawians expected to see how Chakwera would turn his Hi5 pillar of Servant Leadership, Uniting Malawians, Prospering together, Ending Corruption and Rule of Law both in short term and long-term scenario.

Basing on expectations vs realities, Chakwera has moved some miles ahead of what he was expected to achieve this far.

Bearing in mind that Malawi is a landlocked country that survives mostly on Agriculture, Chakwera made promises in regards to our country’s micro and macro economic stability that can basically be stabilized by both monetary and fiscal policies.

Hon Lowe inspecting a Fertilizer Warehouse

Since Agriculture sector stands as a backbone for Malawi economy, Chakwera has managed through his Agriculture Minister implemented the Affordable Input Program with huge funds allocated in this production sphere that will basically see more Malawians Prospering together as the program targets over 4.2 million household farmers as beneficiaries.

In the 2020-2021 budget which is yet to be passed in parliament, MWK354. 8 Billion is allocated to Agriculture Ministry though the figure also includes operation costs, a big chunk of this is placed in the production under AIP which despite projections that this will lead to food security, there are also expectations that this will see foreign reserve ratio be maintained as Agriculture Ministry projects to export huge metrics of maize that will bring foreign currencies that in turn is expected to ease kwacha fluctuation on the money market.

Addressing the nation at his Kamuzu Palace in Capital Lilongwe, Chakwera shared over 30 points of his achievements in the first 100 days in regards to the promises made during campaign.

Chakwera says he has however managed to put in place relevant laws in combating the global pandemic of Coronavirus as well as sourced many funds that will see more government programs and projects being driven accordingly.

He also said his government has given hope to Malawians by making sure that MWK100 000 tax free band for both civil servants and private sector employees starts this month and subsequent raising of minimum wage to MWK50 000.

On trade, Chakwera says he will wind up his tours of visiting neighboring countries to build up good trade relationships where international trade should be Spearheaded by every individual country for the benefit of citizens in Malawi and its surrounding countries.

Chakwera, Lungu confer on sharing intelligence

Talking about rule of law, Chakwera’s report that he has fired some Principal Secretaries and directors who were illegally hired, starting processes of building a new Judiciary Complex in Lilongwe and many more strides achieved, gives hope that Malawi is taking a good direction of taking Malawi to highest levels.

The vice president of Malawi’s report basically on reforms also gives hope as he reported that his office has taken positive strides in reforming many government ministries and parastatals where he says many parastatals which have had been operating business as usual, Chilima says he has instructed all parastatal CEOs to pull up their socks to make sure that what the public expects from them is being done beyond public expectation, something that surely gives hope of the promised Canaan.

Answering questions from the media on several government spheres, the highly composed Chakwera highlited that the relationship between him and his Vice Chilima remains intact and that whatever the Vice president does, he does so on orders from him, something that is surely giving Malawi a hope of good Malawi where the president and his Vice work as one.

Chakwera also pointed out that gender issues as raised by other NGOs as regards to the appointment of board members, he says the concerns raised is genuine but there is a need of interactions that may map a desirable way forward where a 50-50 gender issue may be achieved as this may not just happen in a single day.

Summing up the expectations vs realities, there is a great hope that Malawi is moving to the right direction where people shall really call “the Warm heart of Africa

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