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Police brutality cannot be justified by the failure of the state to enforce the rule of law

By The Mid-Day Six

In Dedza, Police have killed two suspects. An article reads, the police shot in the air but the bullet shot a suspect on the leg, do robbers legs fly to meet coincidentally a bullet in the air?

There have been unprecedented numbers of extrajudicial killings by the police service in Malawi in recent years in the name of shoot to kill.

If shoot to kill (of suspect) is the way forward, we have a lot of them in this country. Bakili is a suspect, go and shoot him. Getrude the first lady, suspected in the NAC case.


A suspect can be the witness of the state, a testimony of the crime committed, can be a lead to catching other criminals. Killing a suspect is concealing or suffocating justice forever; there are no shortcuts to the streams of justice.

In the law enforcement jargon, a suspect is a person accused or suspected of committing a crime, in my understanding such subjects are protected by the law and judged by the law, Police have no right to kill, and pass a death sentence in the street.

Unless we are in a country which is run on a suspended constitution even then a state of emergency has to be announced to protect the country from many challenges that can lead into lives threats and calamities.


KOFI ANNAN said once, the rule of law is not a luxury and justice is not a side issue!

But this is what the government of the day in Malawi has chosen; our leadership has chosen the evil cheer path where by slanders share the fear infringed in them and accepts their own brothers to be butchered like pigs with swine fever.

Jesus put it in a short way ” He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”

In my own opinion crime elimination is not a war that can be won by a gun itself, not by creating an environment of fear, and its not a game of point scoring where by party zealots have to cheer their president each time a thieve is butchered by police.

Its a communal quest that need real approach and that those requisites are not in this government, this is a failed state which is looking for shortcuts to sustain its life span, looking for any attention and diverting any that fall right infront of their eyes.

They have to come up with developments which will make youths get out of the streets, reform Police, and of course they themselves have to read by good examples!

How are you as a president going to talk against crime and corruption when you are in front-line commanding the bandit of khaki envelopes?

Shoot to kill will never help!
Unprecedented numbers of extrajudicial killings by the police service in Malawi in recent years. In June 2008, the Reverend Chande Mhone died after being assaulted by police officers at an opposition United Democratic Front meeting in Lilongwe.

In November 2009, four individuals, including Robert Chima, Christopher Masamba and Hebert Ngulube were killed by the Kafukule Police Unit in Mzimba District.

In May 2010, police officers from Limbe and Ndirande Township killed Peter Chitaukele at his home in Ndirande Township, Blantyre. (The reasons for his death remain unclear.)

In January 2011, two individuals were killed by the police in Lilongwe. It is alleged that one was denied medical attention while in custody, even though he was suffering from bullet wounds, leading to his death.

In September 2011, a student who was a critic of President Bingu wa Mutharika at Malawi Polytechnic, University of Malawi, was found dead. While the police insisted that the student committed suicide, the renowned Malawian pathologist, Dr. Charles Dzamalala, determined that the student was killed. The police confirmed that the dead student was wanted by the police to answer charges of insulting the head of state, leading many to conclude that the police themselves were responsible for his death.

These are just a small sampling of the many killings carried out by police in malalwi.

By The Mid-Day Six Sources: (Woyipa Sasamala, Rabbyce, Rhoda, Blessings, Joe Phiri and Wantali)

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