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Personal Success: Five important Steps


(This is an adaptation of an article I wrote some years ago)
Many of us want to succeed, few do. Many are looking for the “secret of success”, but the truth is, there are no secrets – how can there be? People who have succeeded, or are successful, do it right in front of our eyes. Below are some five important steps that can lead you to success:

STEP 1: Define SUCCESS in your own terms. Don’t simply copy what others say about success. Make it personal, your own. What will success look like to you as a person? For Jay-Z it might be his album going platinum, for a student, it might be passing an exam. To a pastor success might mean winning lost souls to Christ. What will success mean to you? What exactly do you want to BE, DO, HAVE and GIVE in life?

STEP 2: Define WHAT you must BECOME to achieve your kind of success. “Success is what you attract by the kind of person you become”, says Jim Rohn. Ask yourself: “What kind of person must I BECOME to succeed at what I have defined in Step 1? “What must change in me? What must I learn? Who should I closely associate with? What should I be reading and listening to? What values must I live by? What principles must guide my life”?

STEP 3: Find a compelling “WHY”. Have a strong reason for wanting to achieve what you have defined in Step 1 and get the motivation for going through the painful process of Step 2. Unless you find strong and compelling reasons, you will easily give up. You will not be willing to pay the price and you will be discouraged easily. Find at least five reasons why you will still move forward in the face of negativity and discouragement. What are your deep motivations for wanting to succeed in life?

STEP 4: Be dissatisfied with the present – be angry enough to want to change. To qualify for all the above you need to become deeply dissatisfied with your current situation and status and believe a better life is possible. Unless you become sick and tired of your current status, you will not have the motivation, tenacity and resilience to do any of the above.

STEP 5: Take action. Start moving forward. You have a new direction, a set of reasons why you need to move, then just do it – move forward. Everyday take some steps toward your goal. If you are in Blantyre and want to be in Mulanje, knowing where Mulanje is, or just knowing the directions will not get you there. What will take you to Mulanje is either walking, cycling or driving towards Mulanje. Take action, small steps, then giant steps, but take action.

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