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“Iiiiiiish, na rais mbaya zaidi africa, I didn’t know am this bad,”. Said Jakaya Kikwete.

“Ma Oga ooh, he no bi ashamed coming. No no, me a go chopa dro. A no go get ma reward,” responded Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

Sometimes i like to visit people minds and see what they are thinking. Don’t take my sentence literally. Am just trying to say sometimes i put myself in other people shoes and see how they would act or react to certain issues and moments in life.

But which mind am i ready to visit today?

According to Nyasatimes and the government owned Malawi News Agency, This week Malawian President Arthur Peter Mutharika was recognised for “exceptional leadership” (I dont know what that means anymore if the news is true) and for impacting lives positively by the African Magazine Group along side Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and Jakaya Kikwete.

But its not the mind of the Malawi President, am visiting today because I have always been afraid that if i tried, i would i either come out of it corrupt beyond redemption or get lost and stuck in it because its abandoned and not in use. But am visiting that of Mugufuli who if the news was true, missed on those awards despite headlining top articles as the best African President this year.

“Mutharika kupata tuzo kwa kufanya kitu chanya, mbuzi,” that’s what Mugufuli could have asked himself how Mutharika made it and not him.

“Why did i not make it, wait, even if i had gone, it would have meant meeting this president of Malawi, . Iiiiiish, it must be a mockery to those rewarded along side him,” am sure that must have been Mugufuli’s reaction to the News.

The former President of Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete must have said to himself like a mad man “Iiiiiiish, na rais mbaya zaidi africa, I didn’t know am this bad,”

“Ma Oga ooh, he no bi ashamed coming. no no, me a go chopa dro. A no go get ma reward.

Good Friday Chiwaya has capture either Mutharika’s mind or the mind of his supporters. Let me share what Friday wrote:

“Congratulations Mr. President. You really deserve this special recognition for the enviable progress and remarkable development the country has registered under your ‘exceptional’ leadership.

“As we talk, poverty is history in the country, your minister have said they have money to buy maize. We are no longer seated among the poorest poor in the world. People are no longer starving of hunger. Electricity and water woes are a thing of your predecessors’ shortsightedness. We no longer unnecessarily lose precious lives in hospitals due to shortage of essential drugs and electricity blackouts.

Talk of corruption, every well-meaning citizen gives you credit for your hard-line stand against the vice. Gone are days your high office would shield corrupt government officers and ministers. In fact your government has no any record of stealing from public coffers.

Once again, congratulations Mr. President for your “exceptional leadership”!

By Gerrard Mzaza Nkhata: Mock Of The week

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