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While Malawi has been helped by Daily Times to get to the gist of the matter in Maizegate some media houses employ journalists who are journalistically challenged by conniving and milking the same money stolen from the poor by bootlicking the main actor at the Gate.

This is not the time to bootlick while Malawians are reeling because of the dubious activities of Chaponda Maizegate as this sounds insensitive to the views and feelings of the masses.

For a media house to think and do their issues in the ‘business as usual’ way is playing with poor Malawians like ponies on chessboard. Malawi is at the level in this story where every sane person or media house knows that Chaponda is at the center of rampart corruption in Malawi government and this is the tip of the iceberg.

It is noteworthy that in spite of even forged INVOICES being tendered as exhibit in the ADMARC issue Nyasa Times has taken its own direction by justifying that ADMARC never entered into any contract with Transglobe to deliver maize from Zambia. The manner in which Nyasa Times reported is indicating that Chaponda was feeding them with the information long before he entered the interview in parliament since whatever he was trying to explain was not adding up.

This in itself is an indication that Chaponda knows that he was wrong but he is trying to obtain sympathy and help from Nyasa Times who wrote.

“Look, I am privy to information regarding what happened, ADMARC never entered into any deal with Transglobe or any other local company to transport maize from Zambia. What I know is that Transglobe and other local traders had maize in Zambia but they could not export it to Malawi because of the Zambia government’s export ban on maize.”

I also think this Chigoba writer who always thinks any person who speaks/writes against the corrupt activities of DPP government is pro-MCP without feeling any remorse over the manner in which majority Malawians are suffering. But why should someone in the name of Owen Nkhamula not the owner of Transglobe jump to the defence of the Transporter? Has Nyasa Times started working for Transglobe? Did not Chaponda take the same direction by denying the fact that he was at the center of Maizegate?

And doesn’t it now look clear that Chaponda was handpicking suppliers yet he could just have picked his phone to tell suppliers to go to ZCF as sub-contractors? Is that not a conflict of interest for a minister to take things that far? Was Mulumbe that daft to believe that these people were on his side or was he not aware that he was a sacrificial lamb? What is so honorable about this honourable nduna called Chaponda?

How can someone come to the level of writing that Maizegate is a hoax yet even Chaponda has accepted making mistakes and that there are billions at stake which Malawians will be paying as loan used by an avaricious type of government with exorbitant budgets with the aim of spending extravagantly on buying votes during by-election or 2019 General elections? Is Chaponda telling us that corruption is acceptable because he wants to gain political mileage? Where is the heart for Malawi in this nduna?

We understand that Transglobe and many other Malawian companies had a lot of maize in Zambia but they could not bring it here because they were fighting for an export permit and they were given a permit to export 50,000 metric tons but in the end they did not use it because there was an oversight as Transglobe did not have any contract with Malawi government or any government agency to deliver the maize. So why did Chaponda go to that extent of operating as a government PR or ADMARC PR?

WHAT WE HAVE LEARNT SO FAR: It was Chaponda who introduced Transglobe to help with getting the maize from Zambia to Malawi. We have also learnt that the INVOICE or receipt was fake/forged. Our conclusion will therefore, be that this was definitely Cashgate (Maizegate) kind of deal. All they nned from ZCF was an invoice

Although Zambia has the maize to sell to Malawi, all the minister was looking for was an INVOICE which will give them access to the loans and also CASH from government coffers, whether for purchasing maize from Zambia or for achieving other goals .

They only needed an INVOICE that will mention quite a lot of money. They then could get cheap maize with the remaining money going into their pockets.

We have also learnt that it was Malawi who proposed the price to ADMARC, yet knowing pretty well that with the Zambian government they were arranging an alternative means in the name of Transglobe to get the maize by themselves.

Chaponda says that Transglobe would refused to deal with ADMARC if Zambia refused to issue the export clearance. How then did Transglobe still take the maize up to Chipata?

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