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MALAWI’S iTap MAKES INTERNATIONAL HEADLINES – iMoSyS delighted with the news


The Malawi’s Intelligent monitoring systems Limited (iMoSyS) says is much delighted with the international headlines the company is enjoying with its classic automated water vending machine called iTap which dispenses portable water.

“There has been lots of talk concerning this technology developed here in Malawi which is being mistaken as a technology developed in Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana and many other countries, not here in Malawi. The iMoSyS Managing Director who is also the Founder of this technology company Engineer Maya Nkoloma was quoted by

Following comments that were flowing on iTap post on News of Africa website,  many people praised the system which allows the water utility customer using automated card to swipe and draw water according to an amount they want.

Vitalis Anieze from Lagos in Nigeria praised the system and requested for information sharing to make the system replicated in many countries. “This is awesome. Worthy of emulation. Whoever has the complete information about the location should make it available. Others countries will surely copy from them.”

Uwamahoro Felix of GSFA Kibogora in Rwanda says the system is done in his country, “No it is in Rwanda,Huye district,please.” while Bannet Smith thought its from Kenya in his comment “Probably Kenya . M-pesa currency system is well established.”

While others try to put their countries ahead by trying to own the system,  some Malawians commenting on this News Of Africa website post titled “E-Water System In Africa, Can You Guess The African Country?” they have clearly shown their pride for this Malawi’s technology that shows Malawi has people who can do wonders.

Nkoloma, who is also an Engineering lecturer at Malawi University of Business and Applied Science (MUBAS) says he is very humbled putting Malawi on the global and promises to do more in technology areas so that Malawi can benefit from his IMoSyS company in general and iTap technology in particular.

“We have been installing these automated machines in several areas  across the country and we feel its high time we rolled out this system almost in all water kiosks across the country but with time I know this system will be loved by many Malawians.” Engineer Nkoloma narrated.

Speaking on advantages of this iTap technology,  Engineer Nkoloma says the system is good as it is easy to install,  100% utilisation of solar energy,  environmentally friendly,  100% consumer protection from mismanagement of communal water points, no supply disconnection due to nonpayment of bills and it eliminates uncertainties and unaccountability for revenue collections by water service providers.

For a long time, Malawi has been relying on imported technologies and most people have been expressing reservations on graduates Malawi produces as we have been failing to utilise our skills we acquired from school.  Is this the time to promote our own technologies,  Tilibe Bakolo, one of social media commentator asked.

iMoSyS was established with an aim of harnessing Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) . iMoSyS provides software, hardware & engineering services to enable connectivity for remote monitoring of Industrial processes, infrastructure etc

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